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DataReady Community

Hi there,

Welcome to our online community dedicated to the preparation of data science and analytics interviews in the product-based technology industry. Whether you are an experienced analyst or a budding data scientist, we understand the challenges of finding reliable information on the data and metrics utilized in product-based tech companies, which are often asked during interviews.

As a data scientist working in a product-based tech company, I encountered this problem myself. While there are a few reputable websites related to metrics, they often come at a cost that may be deemed expensive from an Indian perspective. Hence, I have created this platform to facilitate the sharing of information among professionals in the industry, to support one another in our quest for success.

We encourage professionals in the data science and product management fields, who are currently employed in product-based tech companies, to share the metrics and data that they use in their work. This will enable us to collaborate and assist one another in our preparation for data science and analytics interviews. Rest assured, we value your privacy and allow for anonymous engagement by allowing you to change your Display Name in your profile.

Thank you for joining our community, and we look forward to your active participation.

Best Regards,

Data & Metrics Team

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